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This private label comes from a highly respected vineyard in Griffith,
which is at the centre of the Riverina wine growing region of New South Wales.
The Riverina enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate with a winter dominant rainfall
and variations of soils from deep red tones through to brown clay loams.
Today the region is the second largest wine grape producing region in Australia.

Birchgrove Chardonnay
Birchgrove Pinot Grigio
Birchgrove Semillon Sauvignon Blanc
Birchgrove Chardonnay
Birchgrove Pinot Grigio
Birchgrove Shiraz
Birchgrove Cabernet Merlot
Karri Grove Estate
Cabernet Merlot
Karri Grove Estate
Sauvignon Blanc Semillon
Fireblock Old Vine Shiraz
Fireblock Riesling


For almost 150 years the name Lenz Moser is synonymous with the development and
progress in Austrian winemaking. From the family house at Rohrendorf near Krems, five
generations of the Moser family have devoted themselves to Austrian wine and its cultivation.
Featuring the full assortment of Austrian varieties, the Lenz Moser winery has become the
country’s most important winemaker and can be considered the best known producer of
Austrian wine world-wide. The product range features the traditional varieties of Gruner
Veltliner and Blaufrankisch. The Siegendorf cloister cellar Siegendorf is located at the
north-west shore of the Neusiedlersee, about 60km from Vienna. The vineyards of the
Klosterkeller Siegendorf are situated on a south-westerly slope, between Lake
Neusiedl and the Hungarian border. The warm loamy soil provides the ideal foundation
for cultivating red wine grapes.

Schlumberger Brut
Schlumberger Rose
Lenz Moser Blaufrankisch
St Laurent
Lenz Moser Greuner Veltiner
Lens Moser Pinot Gris


Chile has been growing and vinifying wine grapes for nearly 500 years, which is not surprising considering that the earliest Europeans
to set down roots were Spaniards who depended on wine for religious and dietary purposes.
Chile is a winemaker’s paradise. The Mediterranean-style climate certainly plays an important role – the relatively short,
cold and rainy winters are followed by long, hot and essentially rain-free summers that give grapes all the time they need to
reach harvest fully ripe and healthy.

San Francisco Cabernet Merlot


The company was founded in 1780 by Jean-Baptiste Patriarche and has grown dramatically from a
small, traditional “Burgundy Maison” to one of the largest negociants in Burgundy. Located in Beaune
in the 18th century Couvent de la Visitation. The company can boast one of the most extensive cellars
in the Burgundy region with ‘caves’ that extend for several kilometres under the streets of Beaune.

Montacour Cotes du Rhone AOC
Macon Village
Louis Perdrier
Montalcour Cotes du Rhone
Macon Villages Chardonnay
Patriarche Syrah
Patriarche Merlot
Patriarche Pinot Noir
Patriarche Cabernet Sauvignon
Patriarche Chardonnay
Patriarche Pinot Rose
Patriarche Cabernet Sauvignon
Pays d'Oc
Patriarche Chardonnay
Patriarche Pinot Rose
Chateau de Villeneuve Reserve
Blaissac - Bordeaux
Clossmann - Bordeaux
Chateau de Villeneuve Reserve
Blaissac - Bordeaux
Clossmann - Bordeaux


For over 2,000 years, ever since the Romans, Germany has been making wine.
Along with fine food and warm hospitality, Germany's wine country encompasses 13
wine regions and attracts gourmets and wine lovers from all over the world, treating
them to a remarkable journey of discovery into the world of grapes and wine. Germany
is an extremely varied winemaking country due to its differing wine regions and
guarantees those that take the journey a most enjoyable experience.

Rudesheimer Gold Edition Sparkling
Rudesheimer Gold Edition Sparkling
Kupferberg Gold
Dienhard Green Label
Peter Bott Liebfraumilch Q.b.A
G.H. von Mumm 50 Degree Riesling 2011
G.H. von Mumm
50 Degree Riesling 2011

Niersteiner Gutes Domtal


The Greeks called Italy Oenotria – the land of wine, and home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world.
Their wines are known worldwide for their broad variety. By and large Italian wines have names which may be that of the grape,
or a place, or both, or pure fantasy, or a brand.
That is Italy.

Vigna Dogarina Prosecco
Dogarina Pinot Grigio
42' pinot Grigio IGT
Vigna Dogarina Prosecco
Extra Dry DOC
Dogarina Pinot Grigio
42' pinot Grigio IGT
Vitae Cuvee Merlot IGT

Vitae Cuvee Merlot IGT


Romania has one of the oldest wine traditions in all of Europe, dating back to ancient times before Greek civilization.
Indigenous grapes have always prospered, and viticulture followed. Though geographically situated as it is adjacent to
Slavic countries, a good part of its culture and language is also Latin-based owing to its southern neighbors.
Dacia, as it was once called, was once a part of the Roman empire, hence the name Romania.
The significant Roman influence on the culture has lasted through the centuries, with wine production in prominent roles. 
Bats Blood Merlot

Bats Blood Merlot


Among the countries of North Africa, Morocco is considered to have the best natural potential for producing quality wines,
due to its high mountains and cooling influence of the Atlantic. The Moroccan wine industry is experiencing a revival and
expansion since the 1990s due to influx of foreign investments

Sidi Brahim Red
Sidi Brahim Rose
Sidi Brahim Red

Sidi Brahim Rose

New Zealand

Marlborough is the centre of gravity for the New Zealand wine industry
it is New Zealand's oldest wine producing area and is the country's second largest wine production region.
The premiere area for Bordeaux blend reds in New Zealand and the region is rapidly developing a reputation
for quality Syrah. Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc.

Konrad Bunch Selection Riesling 2011
Konrad Gewurztraminer 2011
Konrad Gruner Veltliner 2011
Konrad Riesling 2010
Konrad Sauvignon Blanc 2013
Konrad Sigrun Noble Two 2011
Konrad Marlborough Pinot Noir 2012
Mount Fishtail Sauvignon Blanc 2011

Mount Fishtail Pinot Gris 2011
Mount Fishtail Pinot Noir 2011


Portugal is a land of contrasts. The east is dry and continental, the west milder, ocean-influenced, greener,
especially the lush north west. But tradition still lies at Portugal’s heart.
Food and wine are fundamental. The occasional modern restaurant apart, tradition rules:
hearty portions of local dishes, meat, hams and sausages, game in season, magnificent fish and seafood,
the beloved salt cod (bacalhau), copious bread, rice and potatoes, and a bottle of olive oil always at the ready.
Portugal’s winemakers have been equally conservative in one respect – keeping faith with their grapes. And no wonder!
Portugal’s varieties are unique, with thrillingly different flavours. Yet quality-wise there has been no resting on traditional laurels.
A quarter-century of investment, education, open-mindedness and flair has meant explosive change.
Choice has multiplied too. Alongside co-ops and large companies, myriad estates now make their own distinctive wines.
Terroir is so diverse. From north to south, from east to west, from mountain to maritime vineyards, hot and dry or cool and green. 
In every style, from fizz to port, from crisp dry whites to elegant reds, in so many diverse ways, Portuguese wines are unique.




Did you know that…
    Spain has the world’s largest area under vine
    Some of the best-known Spanish wines are aged using the traditional solero system which was invented in Spain,
    Spain produces wines from a wide range of soil types and climates,
    It has been historically certified that Spain has been cultivating vines since the year 600BC,
    Of the 12 most commonly grown grape varieties in the world 6 are of Spanish origin,
    The majority of the most prestigious Spanish bodegas are family owned and
    Spain has been producing sparkling wines for over 100 years using the traditional method.

Vincente Gandia Organic Tempranillo
Marques del Turia Viura Sauvignon
Vincente Gandia Marques Del Turia
Bobal Shiraz
VG Cava
Plaza Real Sangria
Raiza Crianza Rioja
VG Cava
Plaza Real Sangria
Raiza Crianza Rioja
Con Un Par Albarino
Con Un Par Albarino

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