Primus Pils

Declared Best Lager in the World in this year’s World Beer Awards run by Beers of the World magazine, Budvar Dark is a retro-beer. This is because it has been designed to come as close as possible to how all Bohemian and Bavarian lagers tasted before bottle fermented golden lager stole the show in the mid-nineteenth century.

The recipe for this dark larger is based on pale, Munich, caramalt and roasted malts. Together with selected hop varieties from the Zatec region of the Czech republic, this gives the beer a firm hop bitterness that would balance the richness of the malt and avoid the sweetness of older dark lagers.

With its deep flavours of roasted grain, coffee and bitter chocolate underscored by a firm hop bitterness.. Only available at selected times during the year.

500ml 4.7% Alc

Europacific Liquor